Our Solution


At Springday, we redefine health and wellbeing.

We work with companies to tailor our innovative, agile, in-your-pocket technology to their people and their business objectives.

Our online platform is available 24/7, in the form of a cost-effective corporate branded hub where people take charge of their own physical, emotional, social, financial and career wellbeing.

The hub works like an app store.

Each user completes our wellbeing measuring tool and then chooses customised content, programs and initiatives to keep them passionate about wellbeing.

We use research-proven gamification, competition and feedback tools to enhance programs and tools.

Users set goals, choose the programs they need to achieve those goals, integrate programs with wearable activity devices, track their progress and become part of something big: a truly engaging, personalised experience reinforced by reward and recognition.

Most of all, data gathered and collated from wellbeing activities is used to measure, build and improve the whole organisation as well as individual users.

Companies we work with include:

  • HR and corporate wellbeing, to improve productivity and employee engagement
  • Allied health professionals and fitness centres, to improve retention
  • Insurance companies, to identify and manage risk.




Our suite of services include:

Wellbeing tool

Measures and gives employees a snapshot of their wellbeing

Wellbeing hubs

Where employees can see all wellness offerings at a glance

Gamification of wellbeing

Games, challenges and rewards keep engagement levels high

Wellbeing communications

Fresh and trusted content to help employees on their wellbeing journey

Health challenges

Such as sleep and nutrition challenges, to educate employees and give them tools for change

Admin functions

Give employees access to online booking forms, event and email management