Our Solution


Step 1: Springday sources and collates wellbeing experts, learning modules, wearable technology integrations, and motivational and communication tools.

Step 2: Springday connects these elements into a customisable and user-friendly experience, available via a web portal and iOS/Android mobile apps.

Step 3: Users embark on their wellbeing journey. They identify a starting point, set goals and receive personalised guidance and lifestyle content.

Step 4: Users participate in company-wide and individual initiatives such as challenges, self-paced programs, face-to-face health services and community events.

Step 5: Springday aggregates, and reports on, platform usage and behaviour change metrics in a real-time admin dashboard.


With Springday, you will:

• Work with a trusted and proven wellbeing partner

• Go tech first with your wellbeing solution

• Maximise your budget as the modular approach lets you scale as required

• Get access to a marketplace of trusted and proven vendors

• Improve employee engagement

• Improve employee productivity

• Reduce admin for the HR team

• Empower employees to be architects of their own wellbeing

• Increase participation in all HR programs





Our suite of services include:

Wellbeing tool

Measures and gives employees a snapshot of their wellbeing

Wellbeing hubs

Where employees can see all wellness offerings at a glance

Gamification of wellbeing

Games, challenges and rewards keep engagement levels high

Wellbeing communications

Fresh and trusted content to help employees on their wellbeing journey

Engagement boosters

Such as challenges, to educate employees and give them tools for change

Admin functions

Give employees access to online booking forms, event and email management