Why does Springday work?

Springday uses technology to become your wellbeing marketplace.

Our customised cloud-based platform works like a connection engine that brings together users with a sourced collection of the best wellbeing providers. Users choose from gamified programs, products, challenges, events and expert learning modules to meet their personal wellbeing needs. Our platform engages and motivates users, employees, patients and members to move more, reduce stress and improve their individual health risk profiles.

More importantly, we make the jobs of wellbeing managers, doctors and fitness centre managers easy. Our centralised admin saves you time and enables you to implement programs, manage their vendors, automate future health investments and ensure greater accessibility, from anywhere and at any time. The platforms diagnostic software collects data to predict necessary interventions and analysing individual wellbeing needs. Our future proofing platform grows with each individual organisation and its device and access agnostics enable agility to adjust to any future needs.

Wellbeing marketplace




We deliver cutting edge wellbeing content to your employees wherever they are.

Quick & easy

We can have you up and running in as little as two weeks.

Cost effective

Digital delivery to your whole organisation means low cost and high impact.

Tech savvy

We become your technology partner - an easy and welcome extension of your HR, HSE & Wellbeing team.


We ♥ helping people get and feel well-thy. And we practice what we preach.


Meet the Team

Georgie Drury, CEO

Our tech-loving, exercise-addicted Springday founder, on a mission to inspire others.

Kieren Dowding, CTO

The behind-the-scenes wizard who develops the engine that makes Springday go.

Rhodora Las Pinas

Our organisational guru who makes sure our content is perfect and on time.

Kenneth Velasquez de Guzman

The online producer responsible for quality control and your favorite posts.

Dom Hanlon

The creative mind in the team who makes Springday look beautiful.

Henry Bottger, Head of Product

Former Wall Street professional now dedicated to the wellness of mind, body and spirit in the workplace.

Amy Slater

Our ops and coordination whizz who loves all things health, wellbeing and fitness.

Natalie Saar

Our fast site builder and digital content editor who creates the best possible user experience.

Toka Spiker

Springday's connector. Helping companies find Springday and the path to becoming "well-thy".

Natalie Conyer

Springday's wordsmith, motivated by a love of wellness and writing.